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unearned sales revenue

Due to the recognition process, cash flow and income are not inherently linked. You can have deferred revenue on the cash flow statement without income, you can also have income without inflows of cash.

If you have earned revenue but a client has not yet paid their bill, then you report your earned revenue in the accounts receivable journal, which is an asset. This puts you in the position of having “unearned revenue”.

Unearned revenue in the cash accounting system

Therefore, businesses that accept prepayments or upfront cash before delivering products or services to customers have unearned revenue. There are several industries where prepaid revenue usually occurs, such as subscription-based software, retainer agreements, airline tickets, and prepaid insurance.

Once a company delivers its final product to the customer, only then does unearned revenue get reversed off the books and recognized as revenue on your profit and loss statement. You’ll see an example of the two journal entries your business will need to create below when recording unearned revenue. Taking the previous example from above, Beeker’s Mystery Boxes will record its transactions with James in their accounting journals. Every month, once James receives his mystery boxes, Beeker’s will remove $40 from unearned revenue and convert it to revenue instead, as James is now in possession of the goods he purchased. At the end of the six months, all unearned revenue has converted into revenue, since all money received accounts for the six mystery boxes that have been paid for.

Is unearned revenue a contra account?

A few typical examples of unearned revenue include airline tickets, prepaid insurance, advance rent payments, or annual subscriptions for media or software. A business owner can utilize unearned revenue for accounting purposes to accurately reflect the financial health of the business. This type of revenue, for one, provides an opportunity to help small businesses with cash flow and working capital to keep operations running and produce goods or provide services.

Since most prepaid contracts are less than one year long, unearned revenue is generally a current liability. No, unearned revenue is not an asset but a liability, and you record it as such on a company’s balance sheet. DebitCreditUnearned Revenue$10,000–Revenue–$10,000The unearned revenue account declines, with the coinciding entry consisting of the increase in revenue. For example, imagine that a company has received an early cash payment from a customer of $10,000 payment for future services as part of the product purchase.

Is unearned revenue a liability?

According to the Unearned Revenue reporting principles, unearned revenue must be recorded as a liability. Sometimes you are paid for goods or services before you provide those services to your customer.

This could be any service that requires payment upfront for an ongoing product or service. Typically, the customer is billed at the beginning of the month. Many insurance companies offer discounted rates to encourage this type of prepayment. It’s common for insurers to take payment in advance for all kinds of insurance products — such as home, auto, and life insurance. A wide range of different industries make use of deferred or unearned revenue.


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