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Artist: Mu.Ramalingam

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Name : Sri Andal – Srivilliputhur

Artist Mu.Ramalingam antique Vintage print - Thevar art gallery


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Poetry of Sri Andal: Your Guide to a Spiritual Adventure


Hey, wonderful people! Today, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Sri Andal, the super cool poet-saint from 8th century Tamil Nadu. Get ready for a journey into her life and the poetic wonderland she crafted, as we explore the perfect blend of devotion and literature.

Early Life:

Imagine this: Sri Andal, also known as Kodhai or Goda Devi, was like the rockstar baby found in the gardens of the wise Periyazhwar. Adopted into the chill life of Periyazhwar and his wife, she set the stage for a life that would become a symphony of divine love and devotion.

Thiruppavai: The Ultimate Poetry Jam:

Sri Andal’s greatest hit? Without a doubt, it’s the Thiruppavai—a collection of thirty hymns that are basically love letters to Lord Krishna. In this poetic jam session, she invites her crew to join her in the pre-dawn worship of Lord Vishnu, setting the vibe for divine blessings and grace.

Symbolism and Allegory:

Hold on to your hats because the Thiruppavai isn’t just poetry—it’s a mind-blowing adventure of symbolism and allegory. Sri Andal’s verses are like a treasure hunt of metaphors and vivid imagery, turning her poetry into an epic journey for the mind. That “garland of verses” she offers the Lord? It’s not just words; it’s a fragrant bouquet loaded with symbolism—love, surrender, and unwavering faith.

Legacy and Party Impact:

Sri Andal’s influence on the Bhakti movement and Tamil literature is like leaving behind the coolest mixtape ever. Her poetry has inspired peeps for generations to embark on a spiritual journey fueled by love and good vibes. The Thiruppavai isn’t just recited during Margazhi; it’s like the ultimate afterparty tradition that keeps the vibe alive through the ages.


So, buckle up for the ride and groove with Sri Andal, the poetess from Srivilliputhur. Her words aren’t just ancient poetry; they’re an invitation to join the ultimate spiritual adventure fueled by love, good vibes, and a whole lot of soul. In Sri Andal’s chill verses, we find not just an ancient literary gem but a timeless guide to navigating our own spiritual journey. Cheers to the adventure!

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