Why choose Thevar Art Gallery?

  • We are selling huge collection of artworks as Original paintings, Vintage Prints, Lamination frames and Cutting Pasting Paintings of famous Artists like C.Kondiah raju, Mu.Ramalingam, P.Sardar, Sapar Bros, J.P.Singhal, K.Madhavan, S.M.Pandit, M.C.Jegannath, Rangroop, Yogendra Rastogi, S.Murugakani, S.Vilas and so on. Our Art collections are like God Paintings, Cultural Paintings, Leaders Paintings and other categories. God paintings such as Shiva, Vishnu, Hanuman, Saraswati, Amman, Murugan, Ganesh, Lakshmi devi and minimum 50-70 year old vintages and so on available in our Gallery. Thevar Art Gallery is 100% secured and user friendly website, where you can buy art collections at any time. We are selling huge products at low cost (offer price). There is a special discount for bulk purchase.
  • We are proud to say that “Thevar Art Gallery” is the first one to introduce (created) Nakshatra Paintings(Star 27+1), Navagraham Paintings in three varieties, Ashtadhick Balagargal, Amman Paintings from famous temple, Maha Veerapathrar Painting, Guru bagavan painting, Panchamuga Saraswati Painting, Shanmatha Sthapanam(6 vagai Samayam) painting and so on. No where you can see those paintings. Only in our website you can see such a beautiful collections of artwork.
  • Our Art Collections also available in Amazon shopping. Our innovative creations and other painting images published in Tamil Anmigam Magazines, for more information visit About us link in the website.
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