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Thevar art gallery

We “THEVAR ART GALLERY” a big art collector used to collect original Paintings and old vintages for the past 35 years. The interest in art collections is influenced by seeing the Kondiah raju art collections. On that time, we searched for a Veerapathra and Bruhaspati (Guru Bagavan) image to worship,but no where can found that. So, started to create Veerapathra Painting and Bruhaspati Painting by Artist S.Murugakani, Sivakasi. Like this art collections influenced me towars it and started to collect and create paintings and vintages

We have huge collections of artworks such as Original Paintings, Vintages, Decoupage paintings, Lamination frames and so on. The Artworks (Paintings and Vintages) are such as cultural, leaders, mythological art, Story based and Religious typed(devotional.

Creation of Thevar Art Gallery:

We are proud to say that we are the first one to create(introduce) the following paintings

  • Veerapathra Painting
  • Bruhaspathi(Guru Bagavan) Painting
  • God(Adhidevatha) for Nakshatra ( Birth star) for all the 28 stars including Abijith Star
  • Navagraham paintings in three types as Navagraha As Sthala , Navagraha with Wife and Navagraha with Vahana.
  • 8 Ashtathick balagargal Painting (God for 8 directions)
  • Ashta lakshmi Painting
  • Swarna Akarshana Bairavar painting
  • 6 Murugan Painting for Arupadai Veedu
  • Shanmatha Sthapanam Painting
  • Aruvagai Samayam Painting
  • Vada Bathrakali Amman Painting
  • 12Amman painting from famous temples like Madurai Meenakshi, Kanji Kamakshi, Rameswaram Parvathavardhini, Thanjavur Bangaru Kamakshi and so on
  • Thanthondreeswarar (Lord Shiva)
  • Murugan –Valli- Deivanai (Valapady, Salem)
  • Maha Veerapathrar
  • Panchamuga Heramba Ganapathy
  • Koothanoor Saraswati devi
  • Yega patha Moorthy, Poovaraga Moorthy, Varahi devi, Sarabeswarar, Panchamuga Saraswati, Panchamuga Maha Eswari, Panchamuga Maha Eswaran, Viswakarma, Nava Durga devi. Lakshmi devi, Prithyangra devi and so on.

House of arts and vintages:

We “Thevar art gallery”  are having huge collection of artworks by famous artists like C.Kondiah Raju, K.Madhavan, P.Sardar, J.P.Singhal, M. Ramalingkum, Indra Sharma , sapar bros, T.S.Subbiah, Murugakani , M.C.Jegannath, Mulgaonkar, K.C.Prakas, S.Vilas, Nirmala, Rangroop, Ram Singh, Yogendra Rastogi, Sivasubramaniam, Ma.Baskar, Raja, Venugopal Sarma, Vasudeo Pandya and other artists.


Art collectibles

Thevar Art Gallery used to sell the vintage, lamination frames, Virtual Product (soft copy) and Paintings of our creations and collectibles. Now, all those collectibles and creation are available in our website at low prices. Contact us for bulk purchases on special discounts.

Our Paintings & Articles in Leading” Tamil Journals and Cover Page of Magazines”


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