Artist K.R.Venugopal Sarma

K.R.Venugopal Sarma :

K.R.Venugopal Sarma was Born on 1908 in Kamakshipatti, Salem,Tamilnadu .His Father Sri.Ramaswamy sarma and Mother Srimathi.Janaki ammal. K.R.V.Sarma lost his father at his early period of childhood and brought up by his mother.

Amazing Talent of K.R.V.Sarma:

In 1920 family members of K.R.V.Sarma found amazing talent of imitating the various sounds of animals and nature from him. In 1925 K.R.V.Sarma traveled alone to Mysore to attend Dasara celebration. At the opening ceremony he competeted with other artist and he recited “Thodi” raga through his vocal chord in the tone of nadhaswara. After saw his remarkable talent, Maharaja called him honoured him with a gold medal and gave him title “BALA VIKATAKAVI” of Mysore Samasthan.

Artist K.R.V.Sarma:

In 1930 K.R.V.Sarma started to observe the wonderful skill of painting and started practicing on painting on his own. He decided to sketch a universal image of Saint.Thiruvalluvar. In 1937  K.R.V.Sarma painted a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi and he presented to him. Gandhji auctioned that portrait and earned money for the relief of Quetta earth quake and Harijan welfare. In 1950  K.R.V.Sarma decided to achieve his long time accomplishment of painting a saint Thiruvalluvar. He spent several months to finish the final pencil sketch.In 1957 K.R.V.Sarma invited the Chief minister of Tamilnadu Honourable Mr.K.Bhakthavatsalam and the Great leader Peraringnar C.N.Annadurai to get their opinion about the portrait painted by him. Annadurai amazed after seeing the achievement of him

Bhuvaneswari Amman

Story of Stamp:

In1960 The Government of India issued postal stamps with the image of saint Thiruvalluvar which was designed by K.R.V.Sarma. American lady journalist Mrs.Monica felton wrote this incident in her article titled “Story of stamp

Oviyapperundhagai – K.R.V.Sarma:

In 1961 all India Postal union celebrated a function to honor him at V.O.Chidhambaram park in Coimbatore and Peraingar Annadurai attended the function as a chief guest. In that function, Annaduari granted the title “Oviyapperundhagai” to K.R.V.Sarma. In 1964  K.R.V.Sarma was honored by the President of India Dr.Zaheer hussain in the legislative assembly. K.R.Venugopal Sarma earned the name that he was the only individual who honored in the legislative assembly in the history of India.

Saint Thiruvalluvar – National Property:

On July 31st 1989, K.R.Venugopal Sarma died at his residence at the age of 81. Entirely in his life time, he painted only 19 pictures.  At 1991, Tamilnadu government declared that the portrait of Saint Thiruvalluvar which was drawn by K.R.Venugopal Sarma is a national property and the government of Tamilnadu brought the whole rights of the portrait from the family of K.R.Venugopal Sarma.

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