Artist Vasudeo H.Pandya

Vasudeo Pandya | Vasudeo Hiralal Pandya :

Artist Vasudeo H.Pandya named as Vasudeo Hiralal Pandya was born in 1896 in the town of Lunawada in Gujarat. After his matriculation, he became a teacher in the local village school. He later moved to Bombay where he lived in a chawl in the district of Tardeo. He met with a European man, who was impressed with his handwriting and recruited Vasudeo H.Pandya as a document copier in his company.

Artist Vasudeo H.Pandya:

Vasudeo Pandya’s boss travelled often to Europe, 22 times often coming back to tell him stories of his travels by ship. Vasudeo Pandya used to paint them as a hobby. Vasudeo H.Pandya was an Amateur painter and his first work was in oil, a standing portrait of the four handed Hindu deity, Shree Vishnu, the preserver of in the Hindu Trinity of Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.Pandya created many artworks and Krishna is specialised in his atworks. Pandya died on 1970.

Vasudeo Pandya artworks of oil Painting was auctioned nowadays and its value more than $10000.His artworks are standing as an unique style and still there is special demand for his artworks of paintings and Oleographs. His oleographs are printed in Germany and Published by Shree Vasudeo Pictures, you can find theses details of printing and publishing at the bottom of his vintages.

Artworks of Vasudeo H.Pandya :

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