Artist Mulgaonkar

Mulgaonkar - Thevar Art Gallery

Mulgaonkar- “the artist whose brush never dried “:

Artist Raghuvir Mulgaonkar born on 1918, specialised in anatomical study and all his paintings reflect the realistic forms. In a span of 30 odd years, Mulgaonkar painted around 7000 paintings on various subjects like mythology, social issues, and even some advertisements. His famous campaign is jai kajal. He was renowned as the man who gave a face to gods. Mulgaonkar was a born artist though he came from a family of artists, his father never encouraged him in this field. He learnt painting from trindath and spray work from famous artist S. M. Pandit. mulgaonkar painted about 3 – 4 pictures a day and he gained the label – ‘the artist whose brush never dried’. In all his paintings mulgaonkar used his imagination to depict a scene and never used models or photographs unless the client specified. He died in 1976.

Artworks of Artist Mulgaonkar:

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